Tips to Grow Your Consulting Business


Consultancy Businesses are on the boom these days and if you are planning to jump into it, be warned there is a lot of competition to stay at the top of the game. However, if you know how to keep the leads flowing in and your business running, then it’s quite possible to take the lead. We have compiled here some tips and tricks on how you can make sure your consultation services are top notch and always up and running.

Network = Worth

Your network is your net worth. Have a vast and diverse network and stay connected with your peers. You can build up your network by attending conferences, meetups and training sessions where you will run into individuals from the domain you specialize in. Drop in your business card or pitch in a word about your services. Prepare a bit of an elevator pitch so you’re ready to talk about who you are and what services you offer in a concise way that sends the message across.

Be the Socialite

Even if you don’t use social media on personal basis, if you want to have a name in the industry, have a social media presence and an active one. Most potential clients are likely to look consultation services up on Google and if you are non-existent on the net, you are losing some good money there. Facebook advertising Brisbane is also another way to bring in consultancy leads. But there are hundreds of others who offer their “consultation services” you may ask, and that brings us to the next point: SEO.

Optimize for Search Engines

search engine

The entirety of your social media presence – Website, Facebook Page / Group, Blogs, etc. must be search engine optimized. Do a bit of keyword research on what words do your potential clients use to look up consultation services. Once you have the right keywords, get the website kicking and keep it fresh and active. Use paid advertisements to spread the word across to targeted audience and voila! The leads will start flowing in!

Speak and Engage

A really good way to get the word across about your consultation business is be a guest speaker at a relevant conference, meetup event. Being a guest speaker usually costs nothing at all and gives you a good exposure to a very diverse and focused group of individuals who are very likely looking for exactly what you’re selling.


Be the Best at Where You Stand

The most important part of becoming a prominent consultant is being the best in your field. If you provide consultation to tech start-ups, having years of experience in the same industry makes you a reliable and trustworthy coach. Moreover, staying up to date with the latest developments in your domain adds up credibility to your reputation. So, to stay at the top you must stay ahead of the game.