How do I Change my Name?

Changing a name is a common occurrence, in countries were divorce is allowed.  They must follow all the legal process, to be successful in changing their names. But, in other countries, where divorce is not allowed, changing a name is a very hard task.  Not, unless you have a very valid reason and you need to go to the court to do this and also, it will be a expensive process.

Here are some reasons, why people change their names.

In some countries, people are making this as an option.  They change names because of the following reasons:

  1. Some wanted to change their names out commitment to his partner. They can’t afford a wedding, so just want to change their surname.
  2. Some will change their names to reconnect or to distance themselves from their families.
  3. Some mom’s who have met someone new, want to change their children’s names
  4. Some trans-genders want to change their names
  5. And others do this out religious reasons.
  6. While people, just want to mess around with their surnames.

Two options in changing your name:

  1. Through Association. In this option, what you only need to do is change your name In your associations and organizations.  You can even tell your friends that you have change your name and they have to use your new name.  This way, little by little, your organization and the association that you are associated with will use your new name in all your communications. This will give you a new identity, at the same time, your legal name stays.
  2. Legally via Birth, Death and Marriage (BDM). In legality, most companies, banks and other institutions will not allow you to use a new name, unless your birth certificate is amended.

Is changing a name a right for everybody?

Yes, as long as you follow the process.  But, changing names out of divorce is the fastest process, while changing names, just for nothing, will hardest to get.  The first thing to do apply to change the name to BDM and most importantly, hire a good lawyer who has the expertise in this process.  This will give you a very smooth process and a successful application.

How much is the cost of a change name?

Since changing a name runs to a process, you must lodge an application and submit documents to the court.  This may also require you to attend hearings.  Because, you also need the help of legal professionals to guide you in the application, cost may vary.  But, it will come from around $150 to $500.

Change name processing will not assure you of 100% success. It all depends on the kind of your application and the reason for the decision.  You must be able to convince the court that, knowing how to change your name will have a great effect in your life and in your future.  But, if you don’t have a good reason to change your name, you don’t need to do so.  How do I change my name in Australia?  It’s easier if you have a good reason and undergo the process.