Tips for finding the best Gold Coast lawyers

If hiring a lawyer fills you with dread You are not alone. In fact a majority of people when faced with any sort of legal issue find themselves feeling confused about how they should manage and who they should hire.

Finding the best Gold Coast lawyers is easy if you keep the following things in mind.

Initially get to know what kind of legal issue you are dealing with. The law comprises of several fields and sub specialties and this is why its necessary that you have some idea about your legal issues so that you can hire a lawyer who would be able to resolve your legal problem. You can speak to your business advisor or a general corporate lawyer if it is work related. You may benefit from speaking to people in your vicinity.

On the other hand if it is a family matter for example you are looking to take a divorce or get the custody of a child then you need to find a lawyer who has specialized in family law.

The next step is to go for a lawyer who is local because they would be familiar with your region and would be able to help you better. Also it depends upon the nature of your issue and sometimes speaking to national specialist is the only way to go. On the other hand if the case is not related to federal law you would be better off speaking to a local lawyer.

They would know all the procedures which pertain to the local authorities and have an idea regarding the judicial and administrative issues. It would also be easy for you to set up a face to face appointment with them if they are close enough to you.

The most important factors which most people overlook is the experience of the lawyer. You can expect an experienced lawyer to be able to help you only if they have got a good track record and have a good reputation. Find a lawyer who has extensive knowledge in the field of law where you need assistance.

You would also need to get references to make sure that you are being provided with the right kind of service. You can ask them to provide you with the list of previous clients whom they have consulted in the past. When you have the reference in hand it is necessary to run a background check with the local bar association. Here you can also get information regarding their reputation and skills.

It should be kept in mind that the best gold coast lawyers would have a higher fee. It is important to find about  billing procedures and the methods of payment to make sure that you would be able to afford their services. This is also good time to know about any additional fees which you might have to pay in regard to travel expenses, photo copy and expert charges.

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What do Estate Lawyers do

Who are Estate Lawyers and What Do They Do?

An estate is the real or personal property that one possesses at death. Estate lawyers in the Gold Coast help their clients to get their things in order so they can be prepared for death or mental illness that can see them lose control of their assets.

What Do Estate Lawyers Do?

Most people think of estate lawyers as people with expertise in making a last will and testament. However, an estate lawyer does more than that. An estate lawyer on Gold Coast also helps in trusts, living wills, power of attorneys and health care directives.

Estate lawyers will help you to mitigate or avoid estate taxes, keep your investments and assets safe after your death, and arrange for how you can be taken care of in case you become mentally ill.

Estate lawyers Gold Coast also provide very comprehensive estate planning services for their clients. This means that the attorney has to understand the life goals of the client and working to ensure that they achieve them by providing the required legal counsel.

Who Needs an Estate Lawyer?

Everyone needs an estate lawyer because eventually everyone dies and leaves some sort of asset or property behind. If someone dies and they do not leave a will behind, their possessions go into probate court therefore planning before any eventuality is important.

Before a lawyer is able to properly offer counsel, they should understand the type of ownership the client has and the control they have. Is it a community property, partnership or joint tenancy? This is important for the lawyer to know because it affects how much control the client can have on the assets.

For instance, if the estate is a partnership, one partner cannot sell the property without the consent of the other partner. The people who will take charge of the estate after need to know how much control they have.

Qualities of a Good Estate Lawyer Gold Coast


Although some estate lawyers also practice general law, having a lawyer that is specialised in estate law will be more beneficial for you as a client. This is because with specialisation, a Gold Coast lawyer understands all the ins and outs of law planning.

They can offer good advice and they are able to get through the required processes quickly and without any mistakes. When the lawyer is specialised they become more updated on the laws of the region which means better services for you.


With an estate lawyer, you share most of your intimate details and issues about your life. You should therefore look for a lawyer that cares about your life, someone that will always try to meet you at the point of your needs and take care of your interests.


it is very easy for an estate lawyer to take advantage of their clients when they are vulnerable. It is therefore important that you look for a lawyer with high levels of integrity and honesty, a lawyer that cannot turn on you or favor one side or the other after your death.

What is Family Law

Gold Coast Family Law Firm

Any legal proceedings which affect a family are dealt under family law. It deals with issues like cohabitation, adoption, child custody cases and marriage annulments or divorces. It is basically about family relationships and include all of the above mentioned.

There are very few states which offer legal protection for couples who cohabit together as if they are actually married. Offering legal protection for cohabiting couples offers help against domestic violence. It offers availability of protection orders from the court in case one of the partners is being stalked or physically abused.

There is also legal protection for married couples as well. It is universal unlike cohabitation laws which pertain to certain cities or states only.

Family law also helps protects the rights of people going through a divorce, fighting a child custody battle and marriage annulments.

  • Separation proceedings. There are several states which allow married couples on the brink of separation to commence formal separation proceedings. Couples can proceed with orders for dividing of assets and child custody.
  • For people who want to end their marriage, divorce proceedings can be carried out as well. Divorce would also include a division of assets and child custody and deciding a parenting time for their children.
  • There is also an option for third party visitation rights in which step parents or grandparents can vouch for some time with a minor child.
  • Child support orders. Parents who have separate households can ask the court for child support order. This requires one parent to offer child support to help bring up the child.
  • Paternity suits. This man entitle a presumed father of the child to be recognized by the court. A paternity suit can be filed by the father, mother of even the minor child himself.
  • Family law also pertains to adoption proceedings. Adoption laws allow couple to carry out adoption of children. In some cases it even pertains t adoption of adult children.
  • Child protective proceedings are also a part of family law. It helps offer protection for children who have been neglected or abused by their care givers. This would mean taking the child away from the parents or the guardians on account of the mistreatment of the child. The state has every right to take away a child they feel is unsafe with anyone. The children are then sent for foster care. Then further action is taken for either reuniting the family or complete termination of parental rights.

All cases of the above mentioned family issues require the intervention of a family lawyer. Often a simple divorce might become messy when both parties are unwilling to compromise on the division of assets. The right layer can help make the process smoother and avoid setbacks which can be both emotionally and financially draining for the couple.

It is important to find the right family lawyer. This can only be done by referring to a family law firm in Gold Coast.

For more information on family law firm make sure you contact a legal professional.

Enquiries Relating to Law Services

How does a lawyer in Maryborough provide legal service?

Lawyers play a vital role when it comes to legalities. They are porters of law bridging the people. We normally need their service in court cases as our basic understanding of what they normally do. But in this article, let us together understand their scope of service and how does a practical lawyer in Maryborough provide service to the people living in the city. Lawyers in Maryborough provide service in different sectors namely; university sector, government and in the community.

They have their own specialty in handling cases just like other professionals practice like doctors to mention. Legal services in the community sector are for people who are vulnerable and could not afford to get legal assistance. There are dedicated lawyers specially categorized to render service for them. Most of those lawyers provide free legal advice and show up to court hearings at minimal fees. They are lawyers intended to give legal support to less fortunate people in the society and in the community where they belong. Lawyers in the community sector also provide legal education to the people to make them aware of the governing laws the city mandates.

We like to think that most lawyers in Maryborough and Hervey Bay volunteer themselves in this kind of community service. There are lawyers who dedicate their service in the university sector providing legal assistance to students, professors and the university itself. They are those lawyers considered as legal professionals serving the private sector. Universities basically hire corporate lawyers who can help them in all legal aspects. A lawyer who can maneuver university negotiations and perform proper deliverance to conflicts in the future; whether directors, professors or student issues down to the rank and file employees. Lawyers also represent the university in tax dealings, manpower issues, filing and preparation of contracts and for other important claims.

These lawyers may not only be needed by universities but also to some private sectors as well as mentioned earlier who are legible to get the service of a private lawyer and can afford to pay their stated professional fees. On the other hand, the focus of a lawyer in the government sector is only limited to being an employee or officer in the influence of the government. They manage both private and public cases. They perform the same thing as what lawyers in the community and private sectors do however, their clients are based from referrals coming from the authorities.

Persons in higher government posts basically the ones who assigned them cases to attend to. They follow government rules of course but should stand firm to what’s right and just. Lawyers in the government sector are present in all government agencies that require legal staff in their operation. The government comprises most lawyers since the regulations and by-laws started from there before it will be implemented. The government also embraces the public and private sectors so most of the court dealings and legal negotiations are in there. Therefore, the presence of a lawyer is highly recommended in all sectors, whether private, public or government.