Bodyguards Now Protecting the Common People

Traditional nomenclature suggests that bodyguard services are strictly reserved for the rich and famous. Royalty and the elite need protection from numerous threats and thus require hiring professional bodyguards to protect them at all times. With today’s increasing acts of terrorism, crime, kidnappings and stalking, bodyguards are no longer reserved only to some but may be required for ‘simple’ people too.

There are many different types of bodyguards each with their own line of duty. Some are also part-time chauffeurs while others are strictly full-time accomplices. They may be only allowed to carry simple defending items such as pepper sprays, batons or can be certified to carry weapons such as guns depending on the level of security needed. Each country has its own rules and legislations to become a certified bodyguard that also determines what they can and cannot do. Depending on the client, security requirement, country of hiring, travelling plans and areas of visitations the requirement of the bodyguard’s credentials also differs. Clients that travel internationally will also need bodyguards that have clearance for international travel and such relevant documents.

When providing security for high security level clients such as government officials, royalty and head of states, it is most usually mandatory for a bodyguard to also have a military background as such an experience offers its own set of tactical and safeguarding skills.

Varying on the client type, bodyguards protect their clients from all sorts of threats including harassment, kidnapping, being stalked, assassination attempts, bomb threats and bodily injury to name a few.

A government official would naturally hire a bodyguard for more serious threats such as for the protection of their own lives. In such a case a bodyguard would have a different method of protecting his or her client. If the aim is to protect the client from any sort of harm and assassination threats, a bodyguard will plan ahead and check the background history of all personnel that will be and may be in contact with the client the next day. They must also scan buildings and cars for any bomb threats and be cautious of unidentified people that may be disguised as workers or a passerby intending to cause harm. They plan routes and travelling methods in the safest ways to ensure that even if a threat is upon them, they are able to escape easily.

A simpler bodyguard service may be hired by someone that feels threatened and unsafe because of a stalker or are worried about an abuser harassing them and so need to be protected. In such cases the client is usually an ordinary person and the bodyguard although skilled in protecting the client, will not be as trained as one required for a government official for example. All bodyguards however must have first aid skills and know how to perform CPR.

All bodyguards are required to have a background check free of any criminal record, they are required to be in good shape, fit and healthy. They must have good tactical senses and perfect eyesight to look out for any danger while on duty.

The idea of a bodyguard service may previously have not been taken so seriously before but it is becoming increasingly popular with people realizing that no risks should be taken when it comes to safety. Exclusive Protection have bodyguards for hire who can help you feel more safe and secure wherever you may go.