What does an SEO Agency do?

Everything that goes on at an SEO agency is not fully understood by many business owners. The best clarification is to know what SEO means. Search engine optimisation is the full meaning of the acronym SEO.

SEO is the process in which increased online visibility happens by increasing the search rankings of a web page. It has been seen that using a search engine is the start of 93 percent of user online experiences.

Not only that. It has been further discovered that around 47 percent of users usually click on the top three listings during their search.


Legit SEO Agency


SEO has two types: white-hat SEO and black-hat SEO. A legit SEO agency will always go for the white-hat process. White-hat SEO is the process in which data and hard work pave the way for search ranking gains.

Black-hat SEO, on the other hand, will get your business to the top at first. However, the shady methods involved in putting your business in the top ranking will only be short-term. Using black-hat SEO methods will eventually damage the reputation of your business over time.

The wide range of legitimate long-term processes used by white-hat SEO to increase human traffic and web rankings of business include:

  • The user’s search intent
  • The content length of your web pages
  • Check the security of your website (HTTP vs. HTTPS)
  • Social signal presence pointing back to your website
  • Check to see if your website is user-friendly
  • Check if the correct schema markup is used by your website
  • Quality backlinks presence pointing back to your website
  • Speed of web pages load
  • Length of the content on your website
  • Quality of the content on your website
  • Check the optimisation of images on your web pages


What does an SEO Agency do?


The typical services included in an SEO contract with a good SEO agency are:


Analysis of your website structure

Your website needs to be properly structured to enable search engines to read all information they can use to rank you in the top pages. Being ranked in the first three slots of the first-page search is the way to get those users.

An SEO agency will do the following to create the proper website structure:

  • Conversion rates mean testing the various contact links or forms to see the best one to use for your business.
  • HTPPS or HTTP is the process of securing your website. A website is considered secure when its domain name includes an “s” with HTTP. Search engines usually prefer secure websites, making this one of the important things to include on your website.
  • Page speed can make or break user interest. Users are unusually impatient nowadays which makes speed as the top preference for search engines.


Analysis of your content

Several issues with your website’s content can be improved by an SEO agency. Problems the agency can diagnose include:

  • Inconsistencies in name, phone numbers, and location
  • Issues with duplicate content
  • Compatibility with voice search
  • Poor content rank
  • Missing pages
  • A lot more

How your business should appear on the web is the best way to determine your choice of an SEO agency. Hiring the services of a legitimate SEO agency also conveys the legitimacy of your business.