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Social Development Partners is a national organisation for community organisations in New Zealand.  We work with our member organisations and others to help strengthen the capacity & influence of the community sector.

We engage, strengthen and influence to build strong community organisations, and in turn, thriving communities.

Voluntary Sector Umbrellas – Sharing for Strength

Every time I hear the words umbrella organisations I think of huddling together for protection against the rain, or worse to keep out the sun.

Communities Count!

  • Community groups feature prominently in the news this week

    After listening to the news on Morning Report this Monday morning, I just had to write something!

    Speaking ‘from the front line’

    One of our most useful back office roles, as a national umbrella agency, is to promote the front line, so we’re starting up a regular feature – From the Front Line


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Get comprehensive legal information from the Community Law Manual.

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