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Comm2Comms logo imageComm2Comms (literally “Communicate to Communities”) is the brainchild of Social Development Partners. Here’s an opportunity for those involved in communications, marketing and fundraising in our sector to come together for sharing, learning and mentoring on issues that affect them in their work.

Comm2Comms offers a chance to develop skills and knowledge and to tap into others’ experience to enhance your own organisation’s communications—website, newsletters, email newsletters, social media presence, media management, etc.

Groups meet regularly in both Wellington and Auckland and training days on key skill development areas are featured at least annually.

Anyone involved in communications work—either professionally or because they’re the only person in their organisation doing it along with other functions—can be part of the group.

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TechSoup New Zealand

TechSoup New Zealand logo

TechSoup New Zealand provides donated and discounted computer software and hardware products and services from companies such as Microsoft, Norton, Remarkit.

You can get all the latest Microsoft, antivirus and antispam products as well as refurbished desktop PCs.  More donors are being added to the scheme all the time.

Joining with Connecting Up in Australia, we brought TechSoup to New Zealand in 2008.  In less than 5 years, well over $25 million of software has been donated or discounted to New Zealand charities, nonprofits and community organisations.

This exciting programme assists eligible groups to build their ICT capacity and has assisted nonprofit organisations world-wide to make huge savings in their operational costs.

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ComVoices logoComVoices is an independent network of national community and voluntary organisations set up to and to highlight issues of common concern to community and voluntary organisations.

We were a founder member of ComVoices back in 2006, along with other national organisations. In that time ComVoices has created a strong network of like-minded organisations to “advance the community sector”.

The core of the network is the monthly meeting, where news and views are shared, understanding of key events in the sector is pooled, and some joint strategies planned.

Over this time there have been a wide range of activities, which now focus on:

  • The daily Community Scoop (run by Scoop Independent News) as part of the Scoop website and a free email newsletter. Sign up here
  • Joint approaches to all parliamentary parties pre-election, followed by a briefing paper about the sector and meetings with all relevant Ministers and spokespeople for all parties once elected.
  • Cross-parliamentary breakfasts featuring international speakers to highlight the key role of the sector in responding to urgent social issues.

Membership is open to any national organisation, to join at any time. There is no set membership subscription, but all organisations are asked to make a contribution towards employing a PR agency to provide strategic advice and practical support to the network.

There are about 15 active member organisations involved at present, and the role of Chair rotates every six months.

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Collaborative Voices

Collaborative Voices logoThis access radio programme is the initiative of both Social Development Partners and the New Zealand Council of Social Services (NZCOSS), as a way of informing people in our sector about topical issues.

Collaborative Voices tries to profile people who are actively demonstrating how organisations are working in our sector.

The programme is presented by Ros Rice, from NZCOSS along with David Barrow, Communications Manager at Social Development Partners. Ros has experience in community radio broadcasting and while David is newer to this media, he is a seasoned communications professional. Both are based in Wellington and they interview people either connected to or involved with the social services and community sector.

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Legal information

Community Law Manual image

The Keeping it Legal website has closed.

The Community Law Manual now holds up-to-date legal information useful to community organisations in the new section Community Organisations and the Law.

Community Law Centres can also offer free legal help to individuals.

Community Law’s Law Reform Pipeline provides a quick update about the progress of all Bills through Parliament, the progress of government, Select Committee, Law Commission or other inquiries, as well as law reform initiatives in progress.

You can view this on a regular basis online.

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Workplace Wellbeing

image of Mana Mahi resource
Workplace Wellbeing logoWorkplace Wellbeing is a collaboration between Social Development Partners, NZ Council of Social Services, Community Waikato and the Service and Food Workers Union and the Public Service Association to promote and support productive employment relations in the community and voluntary sector.

ManaMahi is a guide to good employment practices in the sector. This contains 17 best practice guides and 6 resource booklets relating to a wide range of employment relations issues.

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