Green Paper for Vulnerable Children

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On top of our minds as we hit the road running for 2012 and certainly predominant in the media this week has been the government’s action plan for children in the form of the Green Paper for Vulnerable Children.

The consultation phase is well underway and we know many of you will be considering making a submission.

We want our submission to be represntative of our members views and concerns.

Submissions on are due by 28 February (a month away still) but we have to act now in order to collaborate on this and meet the deadline.

We’ve developed an outline for a submission which focuses essnetially on community and community sector aspects of the Green Paper.

> Read our submission

This is our framework which we will develop on the basis of more discussion and consultation with members, and we ask for your ideas and responses to:

  • Do you agree with the messages in this draft?
  • Is the balance about right between the different aspects?
  • Are there other issues we should cover?
  • Anything else you would like to comment about a submission from us as an umbrella group

Let’s have an online conversation about this so we’d appreciate comments directly below this blog post.

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  1. Emily Keddell says:

    An excellent draft submission, particularly the foregrounding of poverty as a substantial structural issue, and the perhaps slightly understated comment that targeted services need to exist IN ADDITION to a firm basis of universal services. It may be worth considering that your support of a Vulnerable Children’s Action Plan may be best framed simply as support for a Children’s Action Plan to avoid the pouring of resources into children only once they have been deemed ‘vulnerable’. In my view this may be counterproductive and could lead to a decrease in important preventive, universal services. As all your points under your support of a VCAP are for ALL children, perhaps, change the title? Thanks for the chance to give feedback.

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