CCTV Systems in Sydney

CCTV systems are a great investment in the Sydney area. Although Sydney, Australia is a beautiful city with low levels of crime, having a camera to look back on is never a bad idea. Regardless if you are a small business owner or just someone who would like a peace of mind when away or alone at home, closed-circuit television systems are useful.


What are CCTV systems?


Before we continue diving into more information about CCTV systems used in Sydney, we must first figure out what CCTV systems are. CCTV first off, stands for closed-circuit television. The very name gives a good hint at what the system is. These systems use cameras strategically placed both inside and outside buildings for various reasons. The reasons while they vary usually do have a lot to do with safety.


Unlike television shows that are broadcasted on a signal and network, CCTV systems are run on a closed-circuit meaning the recordings are only being sent and broadcasted to few or even just one point. These systems can only be accessed by the owner and people who are permitted by the owner. Not only are CCTV systems great for small businesses looking for safety but also homeowners!


CCTV systems for security in small Sydney businesses


In Sydney, Australia cameras are constantly being used for security. While the country is experiencing a low on crime, and the city as well, there are still people who will commit crimes. Law enforcement uses CCTV systems in order to catch thieves. Small businesses that fear being broken into or being robbed can strategically install cameras in order to capture when these horrific events happen.


Although capturing crimes committed is a huge focal point for the installation and use of CCTV systems, another one is to spread fear. Numerous reports published acknowledge that having signs and cameras displayed to the public scare away potential thieves. The number of crimes done to small businesses in Sydney and throughout the world is less likely to happen when there are CCTV cameras installed in plain sight.

CCTV systems for homeowners in Sydney


Small businesses are large businesses are not the only people interested in installing and using CCTV systems. Homeowners and renters living in Sydney, Australia also use CCTV systems to give them peace of mind. As stated above, crime in Australia is at a low, but while this is true, burglary and break-ins do happen on occasion. For anxious homeowners who have potentially gone through one of these nerve-racking crimes, CCTV systems are great to have installed to capture the event if it were to ever happen again.


Just like for small businesses, homeowners can use CCTV systems in order to enable fear into potential thieves looking to break-in. When cameras are placed in obviously visible areas, thieves on average are scared away.


Another great feature that comes with CCTV systems for homeowners in Sydney, is the homeowners’ ability to feel at peace even when away from home. While not all CCTV systems are the same, many that are being produced nowadays come with the choice to view the camera recordings live from anywhere. For homeowners who have gone away on vacation or are nervous from a past break-in or burglary attempt, the ability to check your phone, laptop, or smart TV to view your home is great!

If you think that installing CCTVs does not give you enough protection, do your research to find what security guard companies are there and what more they could offer to increase your security.

Bodyguards Now Protecting the Common People

Traditional nomenclature suggests that bodyguard services are strictly reserved for the rich and famous. Royalty and the elite need protection from numerous threats and thus require hiring professional bodyguards to protect them at all times. With today’s increasing acts of terrorism, crime, kidnappings and stalking, bodyguards are no longer reserved only to some but may be required for ‘simple’ people too.

There are many different types of bodyguards each with their own line of duty. Some are also part-time chauffeurs while others are strictly full-time accomplices. They may be only allowed to carry simple defending items such as pepper sprays, batons or can be certified to carry weapons such as guns depending on the level of security needed. Each country has its own rules and legislations to become a certified bodyguard that also determines what they can and cannot do. Depending on the client, security requirement, country of hiring, travelling plans and areas of visitations the requirement of the bodyguard’s credentials also differs. Clients that travel internationally will also need bodyguards that have clearance for international travel and such relevant documents.

When providing security for high security level clients such as government officials, royalty and head of states, it is most usually mandatory for a bodyguard to also have a military background as such an experience offers its own set of tactical and safeguarding skills.

Varying on the client type, bodyguards protect their clients from all sorts of threats including harassment, kidnapping, being stalked, assassination attempts, bomb threats and bodily injury to name a few.

A government official would naturally hire a bodyguard for more serious threats such as for the protection of their own lives. In such a case a bodyguard would have a different method of protecting his or her client. If the aim is to protect the client from any sort of harm and assassination threats, a bodyguard will plan ahead and check the background history of all personnel that will be and may be in contact with the client the next day. They must also scan buildings and cars for any bomb threats and be cautious of unidentified people that may be disguised as workers or a passerby intending to cause harm. They plan routes and travelling methods in the safest ways to ensure that even if a threat is upon them, they are able to escape easily.

A simpler bodyguard service may be hired by someone that feels threatened and unsafe because of a stalker or are worried about an abuser harassing them and so need to be protected. In such cases the client is usually an ordinary person and the bodyguard although skilled in protecting the client, will not be as trained as one required for a government official for example. All bodyguards however must have first aid skills and know how to perform CPR.

All bodyguards are required to have a background check free of any criminal record, they are required to be in good shape, fit and healthy. They must have good tactical senses and perfect eyesight to look out for any danger while on duty.

The idea of a bodyguard service may previously have not been taken so seriously before but it is becoming increasingly popular with people realizing that no risks should be taken when it comes to safety. Exclusive Protection have bodyguards for hire who can help you feel more safe and secure wherever you may go.

Tips to Grow Your Consulting Business


Consultancy Businesses are on the boom these days and if you are planning to jump into it, be warned there is a lot of competition to stay at the top of the game. However, if you know how to keep the leads flowing in and your business running, then it’s quite possible to take the lead. We have compiled here some tips and tricks on how you can make sure your consultation services are top notch and always up and running.

Network = Worth

Your network is your net worth. Have a vast and diverse network and stay connected with your peers. You can build up your network by attending conferences, meetups and training sessions where you will run into individuals from the domain you specialize in. Drop in your business card or pitch in a word about your services. Prepare a bit of an elevator pitch so you’re ready to talk about who you are and what services you offer in a concise way that sends the message across.

Be the Socialite

Even if you don’t use social media on personal basis, if you want to have a name in the industry, have a social media presence and an active one. Most potential clients are likely to look consultation services up on Google and if you are non-existent on the net, you are losing some good money there. Facebook advertising Brisbane is also another way to bring in consultancy leads. But there are hundreds of others who offer their “consultation services” you may ask, and that brings us to the next point: SEO.

Optimize for Search Engines

search engine

The entirety of your social media presence – Website, Facebook Page / Group, Blogs, etc. must be search engine optimized. Do a bit of keyword research on what words do your potential clients use to look up consultation services. Once you have the right keywords, get the website kicking and keep it fresh and active. Use paid advertisements to spread the word across to targeted audience and voila! The leads will start flowing in!

Speak and Engage

A really good way to get the word across about your consultation business is be a guest speaker at a relevant conference, meetup event. Being a guest speaker usually costs nothing at all and gives you a good exposure to a very diverse and focused group of individuals who are very likely looking for exactly what you’re selling.


Be the Best at Where You Stand

The most important part of becoming a prominent consultant is being the best in your field. If you provide consultation to tech start-ups, having years of experience in the same industry makes you a reliable and trustworthy coach. Moreover, staying up to date with the latest developments in your domain adds up credibility to your reputation. So, to stay at the top you must stay ahead of the game.

What do Estate Lawyers do

Who are Estate Lawyers and What Do They Do?

An estate is the real or personal property that one possesses at death. Estate lawyers in the Gold Coast help their clients to get their things in order so they can be prepared for death or mental illness that can see them lose control of their assets.

What Do Estate Lawyers Do?

Most people think of estate lawyers as people with expertise in making a last will and testament. However, an estate lawyer does more than that. An estate lawyer on Gold Coast also helps in trusts, living wills, power of attorneys and health care directives.

Estate lawyers will help you to mitigate or avoid estate taxes, keep your investments and assets safe after your death, and arrange for how you can be taken care of in case you become mentally ill.

Estate lawyers Gold Coast also provide very comprehensive estate planning services for their clients. This means that the attorney has to understand the life goals of the client and working to ensure that they achieve them by providing the required legal counsel.

Who Needs an Estate Lawyer?

Everyone needs an estate lawyer because eventually everyone dies and leaves some sort of asset or property behind. If someone dies and they do not leave a will behind, their possessions go into probate court therefore planning before any eventuality is important.

Before a lawyer is able to properly offer counsel, they should understand the type of ownership the client has and the control they have. Is it a community property, partnership or joint tenancy? This is important for the lawyer to know because it affects how much control the client can have on the assets.

For instance, if the estate is a partnership, one partner cannot sell the property without the consent of the other partner. The people who will take charge of the estate after need to know how much control they have.

Qualities of a Good Estate Lawyer Gold Coast


Although some estate lawyers also practice general law, having a lawyer that is specialised in estate law will be more beneficial for you as a client. This is because with specialisation, a Gold Coast lawyer understands all the ins and outs of law planning.

They can offer good advice and they are able to get through the required processes quickly and without any mistakes. When the lawyer is specialised they become more updated on the laws of the region which means better services for you.


With an estate lawyer, you share most of your intimate details and issues about your life. You should therefore look for a lawyer that cares about your life, someone that will always try to meet you at the point of your needs and take care of your interests.


it is very easy for an estate lawyer to take advantage of their clients when they are vulnerable. It is therefore important that you look for a lawyer with high levels of integrity and honesty, a lawyer that cannot turn on you or favor one side or the other after your death.

What is Family Law

Gold Coast Family Law Firm

Any legal proceedings which affect a family are dealt under family law. It deals with issues like cohabitation, adoption, child custody cases and marriage annulments or divorces. It is basically about family relationships and include all of the above mentioned.

There are very few states which offer legal protection for couples who cohabit together as if they are actually married. Offering legal protection for cohabiting couples offers help against domestic violence. It offers availability of protection orders from the court in case one of the partners is being stalked or physically abused.

There is also legal protection for married couples as well. It is universal unlike cohabitation laws which pertain to certain cities or states only.

Family law also helps protects the rights of people going through a divorce, fighting a child custody battle and marriage annulments.

  • Separation proceedings. There are several states which allow married couples on the brink of separation to commence formal separation proceedings. Couples can proceed with orders for dividing of assets and child custody.
  • For people who want to end their marriage, divorce proceedings can be carried out as well. Divorce would also include a division of assets and child custody and deciding a parenting time for their children.
  • There is also an option for third party visitation rights in which step parents or grandparents can vouch for some time with a minor child.
  • Child support orders. Parents who have separate households can ask the court for child support order. This requires one parent to offer child support to help bring up the child.
  • Paternity suits. This man entitle a presumed father of the child to be recognized by the court. A paternity suit can be filed by the father, mother of even the minor child himself.
  • Family law also pertains to adoption proceedings. Adoption laws allow couple to carry out adoption of children. In some cases it even pertains t adoption of adult children.
  • Child protective proceedings are also a part of family law. It helps offer protection for children who have been neglected or abused by their care givers. This would mean taking the child away from the parents or the guardians on account of the mistreatment of the child. The state has every right to take away a child they feel is unsafe with anyone. The children are then sent for foster care. Then further action is taken for either reuniting the family or complete termination of parental rights.

All cases of the above mentioned family issues require the intervention of a family lawyer. Often a simple divorce might become messy when both parties are unwilling to compromise on the division of assets. The right layer can help make the process smoother and avoid setbacks which can be both emotionally and financially draining for the couple.

It is important to find the right family lawyer. This can only be done by referring to a family law firm in Gold Coast.

For more information on family law firm make sure you contact a legal professional.

How do I Change my Name?

Changing a name is a common occurrence, in countries were divorce is allowed.  They must follow all the legal process, to be successful in changing their names. But, in other countries, where divorce is not allowed, changing a name is a very hard task.  Not, unless you have a very valid reason and you need to go to the court to do this and also, it will be a expensive process.

Here are some reasons, why people change their names.

In some countries, people are making this as an option.  They change names because of the following reasons:

  1. Some wanted to change their names out commitment to his partner. They can’t afford a wedding, so just want to change their surname.
  2. Some will change their names to reconnect or to distance themselves from their families.
  3. Some mom’s who have met someone new, want to change their children’s names
  4. Some trans-genders want to change their names
  5. And others do this out religious reasons.
  6. While people, just want to mess around with their surnames.

Two options in changing your name:

  1. Through Association. In this option, what you only need to do is change your name In your associations and organizations.  You can even tell your friends that you have change your name and they have to use your new name.  This way, little by little, your organization and the association that you are associated with will use your new name in all your communications. This will give you a new identity, at the same time, your legal name stays.
  2. Legally via Birth, Death and Marriage (BDM). In legality, most companies, banks and other institutions will not allow you to use a new name, unless your birth certificate is amended.

Is changing a name a right for everybody?

Yes, as long as you follow the process.  But, changing names out of divorce is the fastest process, while changing names, just for nothing, will hardest to get.  The first thing to do apply to change the name to BDM and most importantly, hire a good lawyer who has the expertise in this process.  This will give you a very smooth process and a successful application.

How much is the cost of a change name?

Since changing a name runs to a process, you must lodge an application and submit documents to the court.  This may also require you to attend hearings.  Because, you also need the help of legal professionals to guide you in the application, cost may vary.  But, it will come from around $150 to $500.

Change name processing will not assure you of 100% success. It all depends on the kind of your application and the reason for the decision.  You must be able to convince the court that, knowing how to change your name will have a great effect in your life and in your future.  But, if you don’t have a good reason to change your name, you don’t need to do so.  How do I change my name in Australia?  It’s easier if you have a good reason and undergo the process.

What to Look For in a Solicitor

For any on who has faced legal issues either in their business or personal lives know the importance of hiring the right solicitor. Solicitors not only offer you valuable advice but also help you get out of any legal troubles you may be facing.

The first mistake which most people make is not hiring a solicitor until they start facing trouble in their business. Anyone who has even a small bit of business know how knows that legal issues spring up every now and then. Whether yours is a new start up or an already established business, proper advice from a solicitor can help make or break your business.

No matter what size your business is, you would need a consultation from a solicitor at some point. Even small businesses have to pay taxes and there are certain concerns which should be addressed immediately.

Choosing the right solicitor

So how do you go about choosing the right solicitor? It’s pretty simple. You just need to ask around. The best way is to get a list of solicitors in Gold Coast from the local law society. They have a complete list of lawyers who are licensed and are thorough professionals. On the other hand, if that doesn’t work for you, you could simply go about asking people within your business circle. They would have surely hired someone to help with legal issues.

Once you have short listed a few solicitors, it’s advisable to at least look up three of them. It’s advisable to let the, know that you are looking for a long term partnership. While most lawyers would offer a first free consultation not everyone works this way. If you go for a more experienced firm you would have to pay a small consultation fee. However the first interview is helpful because it allows you to ask all the questions you have. What’s more you would be working with these people on a long term basis.

When speaking with the solicitor make sure you take a note of the following

  • Their experience in dealing with your genre of business. This would enable them to offer you the right advice when required.
  • Each business has particular tax implications. So make sure your lawyer is aware of how your business works and what legal actions should they take to safe guard your interests
  • Explain your business goals. An attorney should have your best interest at heart. They should be willing to allow your business to grow and have a long term collaboration with you.
  • How they communicate with you. Understanding legal language is not easy. If they speak to you in a way which makes it difficult for you to understand what they are saying, you better look for someone else to help you. As a business owner you need to know as much about legal issues pertaining to your business as possible.
  • How well do you get along with them? Building a rapport initially ensures that your working partnership is a successful one.

For more information on law firms in Gold Coast, make sure you contact a professional firm that can assist in the right areas.

Chartered Accountants

Chartered Accountants Hervey Bay

Chartered Accountants claim to be the first accounting group to develop a professional body in Britain. This business career offers prestige, respect, great prospects and amazing financial rewards. An accountant is designed as a Chartered Accountant when he proves to have the qualities to focus on certain areas that a regular accountant cannot. A degree certification is needed to become a Chartered Accountant.


They focus on four areas: taxation, management accounting and applied finance, financial accounting and reporting, or audit and assurance. The accountant must choose one of these areas and take the given responsibility.

Chartered accountants are also in charge of the company’s financial documentation. They must be careful and analyse the documentation and understand how transactions affected the company. Then they must provide reports and could also provide financial management if needed.

Chartered Accountants can set up an accountant firm too.    And there are some Chartered Accounts that work as freelancers doing tasks for small businesses.


If you are willing to become a Chartered Accountant, a degree certification is a must. In Australia, they make sure you learn and potentiate your skills, so you can be a perfect Chartered Accountant.

Some of the topics you learn are:

  • Taxation
  • Issues with Lodging
  • Corporate Tax
  • Organization’s cash flow improvement
  • Cash Flow management
  • Cash Flow Forecasting

This degree is respected internationally and will give you the knowledge, skills and values needed.


Chartered Accountants are smart people that whenever they work they make a very big difference. They are ambitious and talented.

If you want to succeed as an accountant, you should make sure you improve the following skills:

  • You need to deal with lots of things. Responsibility is a must and you must do things fast because you are always busy.
  • Calendars, day planners, notes and alarms may be great tools to help you do your best.
  • Time management. This skill relates to being organized. In fact, having a system for managing your daily workload is perfect and you will make sure you do not waste your time.
  • Delivering things on time and respecting deadlines are two important tasks to be considerate.
  • Your boss will rely on you and he may think you are perfect to help him with greater tasks.
  • Every professional must be able to adapt to certain changes. The easier you adapt to these changes, the faster you succeed. It is also important when talking business with clients. If you can adapt to different situations, your client will feel comfortable talking with you.
  • It is a good quality to be an active person. It enables you to multi-task which gives you more opportunities than those who cannot.
  • It does not matter which kind of professional you are, you must be able to express things and develop interpersonal skills. This ability is always useful, even when you welcome a coworker to the office. Well-developed communication enables you to meet new people and create new bonds.
  • Chartered Accountants need to be able to deal with groups of professionals. All the skills mentioned before are needed to be a perfect leader. You may also have to think strategically and plan things carefully. see for more details.

Enquiries Relating to Law Services

How does a lawyer in Maryborough provide legal service?

Lawyers play a vital role when it comes to legalities. They are porters of law bridging the people. We normally need their service in court cases as our basic understanding of what they normally do. But in this article, let us together understand their scope of service and how does a practical lawyer in Maryborough provide service to the people living in the city. Lawyers in Maryborough provide service in different sectors namely; university sector, government and in the community.

They have their own specialty in handling cases just like other professionals practice like doctors to mention. Legal services in the community sector are for people who are vulnerable and could not afford to get legal assistance. There are dedicated lawyers specially categorized to render service for them. Most of those lawyers provide free legal advice and show up to court hearings at minimal fees. They are lawyers intended to give legal support to less fortunate people in the society and in the community where they belong. Lawyers in the community sector also provide legal education to the people to make them aware of the governing laws the city mandates.

We like to think that most lawyers in Maryborough and Hervey Bay volunteer themselves in this kind of community service. There are lawyers who dedicate their service in the university sector providing legal assistance to students, professors and the university itself. They are those lawyers considered as legal professionals serving the private sector. Universities basically hire corporate lawyers who can help them in all legal aspects. A lawyer who can maneuver university negotiations and perform proper deliverance to conflicts in the future; whether directors, professors or student issues down to the rank and file employees. Lawyers also represent the university in tax dealings, manpower issues, filing and preparation of contracts and for other important claims.

These lawyers may not only be needed by universities but also to some private sectors as well as mentioned earlier who are legible to get the service of a private lawyer and can afford to pay their stated professional fees. On the other hand, the focus of a lawyer in the government sector is only limited to being an employee or officer in the influence of the government. They manage both private and public cases. They perform the same thing as what lawyers in the community and private sectors do however, their clients are based from referrals coming from the authorities.

Persons in higher government posts basically the ones who assigned them cases to attend to. They follow government rules of course but should stand firm to what’s right and just. Lawyers in the government sector are present in all government agencies that require legal staff in their operation. The government comprises most lawyers since the regulations and by-laws started from there before it will be implemented. The government also embraces the public and private sectors so most of the court dealings and legal negotiations are in there. Therefore, the presence of a lawyer is highly recommended in all sectors, whether private, public or government.

What is a SEO company?

For someone who doesn’t really know a great deal about search engine optimization, SEO can be a pretty puzzling term. SEO stands for search engine optimization. This combines a great many elements ensuring that your business stays ahead of its competitors. If you haven’t already hired a SEO company to help manage your business, you might start on it soon. Smart business owners know the importance of a good SEO service and company. In order to know what a SEO company does, take a look at the following.

Analyzing the site structure

Though search engines always stress that the websites should be designed for users and not for search engines, a SEO company ensures that your website still shows up in the top ranking positions. It’s a known fact that the site should be structured in a way that the site engines could find you. If you can’t be found, how can a user even access your website? This is exactly what a SEO consultant does. They analyze your website and make sure that it show up in the first few search results so you website gets more hits which actually turn into leads.

Analyzing content

A SEO company would help to analyze your content as well. Good content is very important for any website. The better your content the more number of people visit your website. They make sure that they analyze your website for all of the following

  • Poorly written content which wouldn’t rank well
  • Duplicate content. If there is any duplicate content found on your website you might need to get rid of it otherwise your site could be shut down.
  • Any other problems in your web pages are analyzed as well.

Carrying out off page analysis

Another aspect of SEO which people don’t know about is off page SEO. Few companies which have great reviews left by previous customers already have a great ranking. However, smaller business websites would not be that popular and even one or two negative reviews can have an adverse effect.

A good SEO consultant would make sure that they search the web for any mention of your business name and make sure to turn it to your advantage. For any negative reviews you could be guided towards responding to them in a way which could actually be beneficial to your business.

Once the SEO Company is done analyzing your website they would help you with the following

  • There is going to be a definite increase in organic traffic
  • The content which is aimed at local SEO
  • Concise and unique meta descriptions for each product
  • The NAP for your business is consistent throughout the internet
  • The reviews for your product are ensured to be authentic
  • A mobile friendly website, since most people use their mobile for online transaction, a mobile friendly website is a must.

SEO analysts make sure your website is easy to find and the code for your website is clear so that its easier for people to find you.

For more information on the best SEO Company, make sure you contact a technical specialist.


Digital Marketing & It’s Social Impact

Online marketing is a constantly changing environment. The way readers use the internet changes just as fast as Google changes their algorithms. Keeping up with the changes takes good problem-solving skills and a good understanding of how the internet works.

The mistake that many people entering digital marketing make is to focus on short-term finances. They want to see a return on their investment (ROI) as soon as possible. The problem with this is that many websites that enter the online market trying to make money fast, are the websites that usually disappear before they have a chance to grow. For any rapid growth you should be looking at partnering with a google advertising company that will set targets and goals with you.

If you are looking to turn your website into a long-term income, you will need to set it up to grow steadily over time, instead of trying to make a huge splash right out of the gate. It does not matter what changes happen on the internet, this guide will help you through almost any change that is made by readers, or Google.

What Really Matters in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing can be a tricky business. However, it all starts with optimizing your website in a way it can be used by search engines and your target audience, followed by building a stable marketing framework to build on as your website grows.

  • Creating Your Digital Marketing Plan

Your digital marketing plan should begin before any content goes on your website. To create your plan, research keywords and long-tail keywords for your niche. This is what your content will be built around.

Research your niche by using forums, polls, and complaints you find online. What do your customers want? What do your customers want,  but they can’t get anywhere? After you understand what your customers want, you will be able to research exactly where you need to focus your information.

The next thing you will want to do is research the websites and services of your competitors. Once you find the holes in their keywords, content, and the services they are offering, you will know where to focus your marketing. After all, the best service you can offer is one that is in demand but not offered, or not offered on a high-quality basis.

Now that you understand where to focus your efforts, you can now create your base content and begin building relationships with people who need what you have to offer.

  • Building Your Marketing Framework

While it may be tempting to focus your efforts on building campaigns, you should actually focus more on the various aspects of growth frameworks. Many website owners see spikes in activity and have income that goes up and down. This is because campaign based marketing does not create steady revenue.

Now that you are focused on the overall, steady growth of your website and your clientele, you can begin building a sustainable, targeted group of people who will keep your revenue steadily growing. This is the best way develop a positive ROI and a positive income that will last for years.

Website owners who build a strong base foundation and a loyal following based on their content and services are more likely to succeed on a long-term basis. On the other hand, digital marketers who base their business on campaigns tend to become tired of the unsteady income their website brings in and give up before they break even financially.

National Organisation

Social Development Partners is a national organisation for community organisations in New Zealand.  We work with our member organisations and others to help strengthen the capacity & influence of the community sector.

We engage, strengthen and influence to build strong community organisations, and in turn, thriving communities.

Voluntary Sector Umbrellas – Sharing for Strength

Every time I hear the words umbrella organisations I think of huddling together for protection against the rain, or worse to keep out the sun.

Communities Count!

  • Community groups feature prominently in the news this week

    After listening to the news on Morning Report this Monday morning, I just had to write something!

    Speaking ‘from the front line’

    One of our most useful back office roles, as a national umbrella agency, is to promote the front line, so we’re starting up a regular feature – From the Front Line


TechSoup NZ

Get your technology up-to-date with the latest donations and discounts.



Keep informed and up-to-date about key community sector issues.


Image of Community Law Manual

Get comprehensive legal information from the Community Law Manual.

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